Our coordinators collaborate with the University of Arkansas’s academic colleges and departments and industry experts to deliver quality, cutting-edge non-credit courses and programs to those looking to enhance and grow their professional careers or personal lives.

Our courses are taught by industry experts and experienced instructors.

Workforce Development

Training Calendar

2/23/18 How to Make Excel Write a Report
3/1/18 Women in the Workforce Conference 2018
3/1/18 Adobe Photoshop Part 1
3/2/18 Microsoft Excel Part 2
3/6/18 Introduction to Agile/Scrum and The Benefits of Agile Software Development
3/8/18 Social Media: Digital Marketing Series
3/9/18 Adobe InDesign Part 2
3/14/18 Tableau Part 1
3/16/18 Microsoft Access Part 1
4/3/18 From Tech Expert to Tech Leader (Arkansas Residents)
4/3/18 From Tech Expert to Tech Leader (Out-of-State Residents)
4/4/18 WordPress for Business: Digital Marketing Series
4/5/18 Legal Basics for Business Owners
4/6/18 Microsoft Excel Part 3
4/11/18 Driving Traffic to Your Website: Digital Marketing Series
4/12/18 Innovative Management for 2018
4/12/18 Adobe Illustrator Part 1
4/13/18 Microsoft Access Part 2
4/16/18 Machine Learning for Developers (Arkansas Residents)
4/16/18 Machine Learning for Developers (Out-of-State Residents)
4/17/18 Administrative Assistant Program
4/18/18 Adobe Photoshop Part 2
4/19/18 Business Communications Certificate Program
4/20/18 Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with PivotTables and Power Tools
4/24/18 Microsoft Project Part 1
4/24/18 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Digital Marketing Series
4/26/18 Tableau Part 2
5/3/18 Adobe Illustrator Part 2
5/4/18 Microsoft Excel Macro Programming
5/9/18 Microsoft Project Part 2
5/10/18 Google Analytics: Digital Marketing Series
5/11/18 Microsoft Access Part 3
5/15/18 Microsoft Power BI Part 1
5/16/18 Gaining Transactional Insight
8/20/18 Greenhouse Management