Career Coaching in the Classroom

Career Coaching in the Classroom

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Learn what effective career coaching looks like. This course will provide middle and high school teachers with skills and tools to be effective career coaches and to have conversations about careers. Discover tools and resources you can use in your classroom to help your students find their career and/or educational pathway.

This course will help classroom teachers navigate career fundamentals that will help keep their students "in the know" about the latest career opportunities and give them access to the fields and companies that are hiring. Be equipped with the latest ideas and activities that seamlessly integrate career development into your existing curriculum and daily activities.

Access family communication materials to include families in career planning and opportunities for their kids. Be the influencer who can change the career aspirations and outcomes for your students.


High quality training designed to give teachers the tools to implement effective career coaching strategies and guidance into their existing curriculum. Additionally, teachers will be provided with sample lessons and other resources that can immediately be implemented into the classroom to support career awareness, skill development and real-world application of classroom content.


Learning Objectives

  • Define career coaching and identify ways in which Career Coaching will help your students.
  • Identify opportunities for career coaching in your daily classroom routines.
  • Define different career assessments.
  • Identify the Top 5 skills that employers want in new employees.
  • Define entry pathways to careers including alternative models such as Internships, Apprenticeships, and Job Shadowing.


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Access / Completion Time:
3 Months

Approximately 2 hours of CEU content

Teacher resources and sample lesson plans are included

Northwest Arkansas Council

The Northwest Arkansas Council is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to ensure the region’s successful future by working with partners to advance quality of life, improve the region’s workforce, create job opportunities, upgrade infrastructure and keep up with the region’s impressive growth.