Microsoft Power BI

Screenshot of Microsoft Power BI dashboard

Microsoft Power BI transforms complex data into engaging images that will help you organize, visualize and achieve your goals.

Our live online classes offer hands-on experience with an expert instructor to guide you at every step, and a textbook pdf you can keep for reference. The class utilizes Power BI Desktop, but also offer a section that explores Power BI Online.

$349 / course

Online / Live Stream

8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Part 1: Learning Objectives

  • Data Analysis and Visualization for Business Intelligence
  • Self-Service BI with Microsoft Power BI
  • Create Data Connections
  • Model Data with Relationships
  • Save Power BI Files
  • Clean and Transform Data with the Query Editor
  • Combine and Manage Data Rows
  • Create Visualizations in Power BI
  • Chart Data in Power BI
  • Enhance Analysis with Customized Visuals and Pages
  • Enhance Analysis with Tooltips
  • Create Calculations with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Create Calculated Measures and Conditional Columns
  • Create and Manage Data Hierarchies
  • Filter and Slice Reports
  • Create Dashboards in Power BI
  • Publish Reports
  • Share Reports and Dashboards
  • Access Reports Using Power BI Mobile

Oct 07, 2022


Excel Part 1

Excel Part 2

or equivalent working knowledge

Part 2: Learning Objectives

  • Brief Review and Q&A of Power BI Part 1
  • Designing with the End User in Mind
  • Building for Mobile Reports
  • Create Calculated Tables, Variables, and Parameters
  • Enhance Visuals with Statistical Analysis
  • Review Analysis Services Connection Options
  • Talk about Data set
  • ETL: Extract Transform Load
  • Quick visuals
  • Q/A about data
  • Simple DAX
  • Advanced DAX 
    • Using Time
    • How to use VAR (Variable)
  • Resources: Learning DAX and forum to ask questions
  • Scatter Plot w/ play axis
  • ArcGIS Mapping 
    • Heat Maps
    • Layers
  • Marketplace
  • Bookmarking
  • Drill Through
  • Uploading
  • Pinning
  • Microsoft Stack
  • Subscriptions

Nov 11, 2022


Power BI Part 1

or equivalent working knowledge

Technology Requirements

Registrants must have a computer with internet access, a webcam, microphone, and a current Power BI license. If you do not have a Power BI license, you can get a free 30 trial. Further course preparation instructions will be provided upon registration. Contact Erin Dickey with questions or concerns.