Foundations of User Experience

UI / UX Design Certificate Training Program

Foundations of User Experience is an introductory program for individuals looking to work in the field of UX. You will learn the basics of user experience from industry experts while building an online portfolio to help you understand processes, prepare for an interview, and ultimately, get an entry-level position in the field. The course introduces some of the roles and processes in a typical UX project and provides learners with experience developing some of the deliverables that UX designers create and use in their work.

Foundations of User Experience is a self-paced online course broken into six sections (Introduction to User Experience, UX Research and Discovery, Human-Centered Design, Collaborative Communication, Iterative Process, and Landing your First UX Job). Each section consists of content (readings and lecture videos), assignments, and assessments to help you achieve the corresponding objectives.


6 months / 5-10 hours/wk

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Is This Course Right For Me?

If you can answer TRUE for the questions below, this course is probably appropriate for you. The course requires a commitment on your part, so if you are unsure, seek the advice of the course coordinator, Mark Berkowick, at

  • I have not worked in the UX field, but I am curious about the field or seeking a change in my professional direction.
  • I already work in a UX position, but I am seeking broader general knowledge about roles, processes, and the deliverables created by UX designers.
  • I have 3-5 years (or more) of experience working with computer-based technologies such as web design or development, statistics, research, coding, or graphic design. (You don’t have to have experience in these fields to benefit from this course, as long as you have experience of some kind with technologies and computer applications.)
  • I am able and willing to spend 5-10 hours most weeks for up to six months on homework for this course.

The course is not suitable for learners who are looking for intermediate or advanced education, or those who already have years of experience in the field. It is also not appropriate for someone who wants a high-level overview of the subject. Foundations of User Experience is a fairly rigorous course with a focus on developing weekly or biweekly portfolio deliverables. Students receive feedback and tips for improvement on their assignments from a professional in the UX field.


At the end of this program, participants will have a solid foundation on the basics of user experience. Going through this course, participants will gain hands-on experience with feedback from an instructor. By the end of the course, participants will have updated their resume and created a UX online portfolio with artifacts developed from the course.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define and use the appropriate vocabulary of UX
  • Follow the process to complete a UX project
  • Conduct user research to write user profiles
  • Design with a human centered approach
  • Wireframe and prototype a UX project using tools common in the industry
  • Interview for an entry level UX job confidently with your portfolio of work to support your experience

Kristina King

Photo of Kristina King

Kristina is an expert UX designer with a passion for enhancing user experiences in the digital realm. Working at a Fortune 300 company, Kristina has honed her skills in crafting intuitive and user-centric designs. When not working, Kristina enjoys the outdoors, adventuring with her wife, and movie nights with their two cats.