Customer Service Certificate Program

Customer Service Online Training Program

This online course will prepare you to become an effective representative for your organization and provide the skills you will need for a successful career in any industry that involves customer contact. You will learn about the customer service work environment, methods for successful customer relations, and career advancement tactics.



  • Describe how to create favorable impressions with customers
  • Illustrate how to maintain a professional attitude even when handling difficult customers
  • Strategize how to conduct customer service through electronic media such as email and the Internet
  • Describe methods to anticipate, prevent and solve problems and complaints posed by customers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of customers' needs and wants
  • Outline methods of service to diverse customers, including those with different cultural backgrounds


Course Content

  • Unit 1: The Customer Service Workplace
  • Unit 2: Customer Service Duties
  • Unit 3: Customer Service Skill sets
  • Unit 4: The Customer Service Career
  • Unit 5: Improving the Customer Experience


Access / Completion Time:
3 Months

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