Introduction to Asphalt Emulsion Certificate

Truck applying seal coating for chip sealing asphalt pavement

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Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Certificate

The Introduction to Asphalt Emulsion certificate will provide a broad, foundational understanding of asphalt emulsions.


After a brief overview of the history and importance of asphalt emulsion, tools will be provided to understand the classification of asphalt emulsion into cationic versus anionic, rapid versus medium versus quick versus slow setting, and how the type of asphalt emulsion influences breaking and curing. Additionally, a broad perspective of the production of asphalt emulsion will be provided, followed by an overview of existing AASHTO specifications for the testing, sampling, and handling properties of asphalt emulsion, the classification of asphalt emulsion, tests on the recovered asphalt emulsion residue, and performance tests developed for asphalt emulsion pavement maintenance and rehabilitation products. Finally, uses of asphalt emulsion in roadways will be covered, including spray applications and mixture applications, encompassing an introduction to all pavement maintenance and rehabilitation products.

Most of my own working experience encompasses the production and testing of aggregates, virgin asphalt and HMA/WMA, so this course was of benefit.Steven G.

  • Registrants will have 4 weeks to complete the class.
  • Approximately 16 hours to complete the course.
  • Download and print 152 pages of reference material to put on their shelf.
  • Upon completion, if requested, 15 professional development hours will be awarded.

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Learning Objectives

  • Classify asphalt emulsion by physical and chemical characteristics
  • List the tests run in the laboratory for asphalt emulsion
  • Follow the components of asphalt emulsion production
  • Describe the uses of asphalt emulsion in pavement construction maintenance and rehabilitation products



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College of Engineering

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Dr. Andrew Braham

Andrew Braham, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
University of Arkansas