Introduction to Antennas

Introduction to Antennas - Antenna Array

— Offered by College of Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering —

These courses focus on the design, fabrication and measurement of microwave antennas. Save time and money by completing these courses exclusively online without the expense of travel.


Get one-on-one personal instruction from an expert and design your own antenna. This is the only online course that offers theory and software design training using the industry-leading HFSS simulation package. The course is ideal for electrical engineers who want to learn about antennas to gain new expertise while having no prior knowledge of the subject. Complete the course at your own pace. For example, four hours each weekend for eight weeks or complete it all in just one week.

The cost includes an electronic copy of the antenna textbook, unlimited access to HFSS during the course period, videos of lectures and notes, videos of HFSS training, videos of fabrication using a milling machine, and measurements using a network analyzer and an anechoic chamber. Upon completion of the lectures, you will be assigned a project to design and test your own antenna. Then, an experienced U of A engineer will fabricate your designed antenna, measure its performance in our lab, and send you the data and the antenna to write your final project report.

Upon successful completion of courses (Parts I or II), participants will receive a certificate of completion. Successful course completion also unlocks access to faculty expertise and antenna fabrication facilities at reduced rates for proof-of-concept work.



A B.S. in Electrical Engineering or B.S. in Physics is required. If you feel you may have the background or experience to enroll in this course but do not have the required degree, please contact to discuss options.

Available Online / On-Demand

40 Hours Per Course

Course I - $1,999

Course 2 - $1,499

Cost includes all materials: book, HFSS software and antenna fabrication supplies
Group discounts available: 10% discount for a group of 3 to 4 people (same company), 20% discount for a group of 5 or more people (same company). Please call 479-464-5024 for the promo code to use when enrolling. Discounts cannot be combined.

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Dr. Magda El-Shenawee Magda El-Shenawee, Ph.D.
Professor, Electrical Engineering
University of Arkansas

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Course 1 - Single Antenna

This course focuses on a single antenna design and performance characteristics (radiation pattern, impedance matching, gain, s-parameters, VSWR, return loss, insertion loss, and more).

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Course 2 - Array of Antennas

This course focuses on antenna arrays for electronic scanning and feeding a network of the arrays.

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This course is not yet available, but we can notify you when it is.

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