Java Development Certificate

Java Development

Learn how to program in the Java language. Also learn object-oriented programming concepts that are applicable across languages. Finally, learn how to create interfaces into programs via the console or web services.

Upon completion of this six-month course, you will be able to utilize an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create Java applications. These applications could use a console interface or web service interface. You will also understand the role that developers play on an overall product team to prepare you for a transition into a work environment.

Certificate Program Begins

October 12

Application Deadline: October 9

In the event that in-person classes are not meeting in the fall, these courses will be held online.


Cost does not include textbook

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  • Getting Started
    • Understanding Java stack
  • IDE / Machine setup
    • Machine configuration
    • Overview of IDE options
    • Installation of Eclipse
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Classes
    • Instances
    • Inheritance
  • Programming fundamentals
    • Variables / Loops / Functions
    • Java syntax
  • Console interaction
  • Practicing the language
  • Revisiting the Java stack
  • Why web services?
    • Web applications
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Web architecture
    • HTTP protocol
  • Manual testing web services (Postman, curl, etc)
  • Containers
    • Comparison of containers
    • Servlets
    • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)
    • Tomcat installation
    • Spring
    • Java Runtime
      • Managing dependencies
  • Service Endpoints
  • Databases
    • Database management
    • Relational vs. Non-relational
    • MongoDB
  • Security
    • Overview
    • SSL and KeyTool
  • Additional Development Concepts
    • Build tools
    • Test-driven development
  • Team Dynamics
    • Product teams
    • Agile and Scrum
    • Team communication

Chad Kieffer headshot

Chad Kieffer

Esoterix Software and Consulting
Lead Developer

Chad has over 20 years of development experience specializing in Healthcare IT, Logistics, and GIS programming.  He holds bachelors degrees in Computer Science, German, and Classical Studies and a masters in Comparative Literature from the University of Arkansas.  While an undergraduate at the U of A, he completed a six-month internship with JB Hunt and worked with the company after graduation.

Chad wrote a software suite for a local healthcare coaching and consulting business and coded solutions for Pfizer Health Services' Healthy Arkansas philanthropic program, for CVS's Employee Smoking Cessation program, and on TechPay™ algorithms for dental labs in the US.  He has also done research, consulting, and development work for numerous government and private agencies, including USDA, NRCS, the U of A, etc.

In addition, he has nearly a decade of part-time teaching and training experience, both as a computer programming track and Community Ed instructor for Northwest Technical Institute and as a programming trainer for several local large companies.

In his current capacity, Chad is primarily engaged in basic data analytics and back-end development work for non-profits and municipal government bodies both in Arkansas and in Washington state.