Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Training

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are disciplines that we hear about with ever-increasing regularity. In the last few years we are seeing great strides in providing value as well as a lot of hype, making the landscape difficult to navigate unless you are immersed in the field. This course, led by RevUnit, is designed specifically to close that gap, providing the knowledge to engage in high-level conversations about these technologies.

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The approach used in this course is to empower you by synthesizing knowledge learned in the first half of the course with a practical case study to work through and present in the second half. The focus is developing conversational understanding and answering the questions of who executes the work: what is the general concept of a solution, how difficult is the solution to execute, and what ethical or legal dilemmas might arise.


  • Learn about who practices different types of learning, analysis and prediction in the industry.
  • Learn about different types of training and how to analyze problems based on likely ways of solving them.
  • Learn what problems we are good at solving and how difficult different types of problems are.
  • Learn about some of the legal and ethical dilemmas related to the use of some of these technologies.
  • Apply what you learned to a practical case study that is presented to your peers during the course.