NN/g User Experience (UX) Certification Program

UI / UX Design Certificate Training Program

New UX Course Combination

The Global Campus in Bentonville is bringing Nielsen Norman Group back to Northwest Arkansas for another round of User Experience (UX) Certification classes to deliver five virtual training sessions. Advance your career by learning new tech skills to enhance user experience for websites and applications.

UX Certification Program

To earn a UX Certification from the NN/g, you must complete all five days of training. NN/g will send emails to completers with links to access exams online. Each exam costs $80 and is a separate fee paid to NN/g. Earning a UX certificate validates your expertise to colleagues, clients, managers and job interviewers. It also allows you to elevate the websites you touch.

UX Master Certification

The Global Campus in Bentonville plans to continue offering NN/g classes in the future. NN/g offers a UX Master Certification for those who have completed any 15 full-day NN/g training courses and passed exams for those courses.

Certificate Program


All Five Sessions Included in Price

Available to Arkansas residents only

Online / Live Stream / Instructor Led

Exam fees are $80 each. Attendees pay exam fees directly to NN/g.


April 9

10 am - 5 pm CT

Designing Complex Apps for Specialized Domains
Learn the design process for creating and evaluating applications for advanced decision making, complicated workflows, and complex domains

April 16

10 am - 5 pm CT

Writing Compelling Digital Copy
Web content for the way your audience thinks and behaves

April 23

10 am - 5 pm CT

User Interviews
Advanced techniques to uncover values, motivations, and desires

April 30

10 am - 5 pm CT

Storytelling to Present UX Work
Build buy-in and increase impact by using persuasive, engaging stories to present research findings, abstract concepts, and design ideas

May 7

10 am - 5 pm CT

Measuring UX and ROI
Use metrics from quantitative research to demonstrate value


  • Access to industry-leading resources and professionals in the field of UX.
  • Help your company build better, more user-centric products that have a tangible impact on the bottom-line.
  • NN/g UX certification is achieved by completing all five courses and passing an exam for each course. Completing all five courses is highly encouraged. UX Certification shows prospective clients, employers, managers, and colleagues your dedication to the field, as well as your expanding knowledge of it.
  • Career pathways - Foundation for transitioning into UX as a career within your organization or with another company. The wide range of opportunities upon completion include:
    • Jr. Designer
    • Graphic Designer
    • UX Developer
    • UX Designer
    • Product Designer
  • Educational Pathways - This UX certification is intended for expert-level practitioners seeking to differentiate their skills. Upon successful completion of this certification, participants can pursue a UX Master Certification (UXMC), which recognizes practitioners whose extensive training achievement covers a broad range of topics. The five courses for UX certification will count towards the 15-course requirement for UXMC.
  • 1 to 3 years of UX or product design
  • Actively working on or starting an IT design team
  • Be familiar with Agile development

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