Biomanufacturing Workforce Training

Online Biomanufacturing Workforce Training

Prepare for biomanufacturing jobs by completing this no-cost training program in as little as two weeks. Online and hybrid biomanufacturing training will be free to participants while grant funds last, and online registration will open soon.

Online, hybrid and virtual-reality training courses are in development. Although registration is not yet open, you can sign up for a notification by leaving your name and email address. Successful participants will receive certificates of completion from the University of Arkansas.



SymBiosis, a Bentonville-based investment firm, and others across the state have partnered to support this initiative. SymBiosis is working to bring biomanufacturing companies to Arkansas, and it focuses on advancing biotherapeutics innovations for serious and life-threatening diseases. These biomanufacturing courses and credentialing programs will advance statewide and regional initiatives to remedy talent pipeline shortages and increase equitable access to web-based education and training models.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration awarded $493,521 to the Bio AR Train Biomanufacturing Workforce Initiative. The initiative partners, including the University of Arkansas, will oversee training and market career pathways alongside partnerships with biomanufacturing contract manufacturers, start-ups, and venture capital to establish a diverse and inclusive biomanufacturing workforce in Arkansas.

Participants can gain the key bio manufacturing fundamentals to qualify for high-skilled, well-paying jobs of the future and establishing a life science ecosystem that supports regional and statewide growth. The initiative may provide the addition of employment opportunities, innovative entrepreneurs, technology-driven startups, and competitive suppliers of high-value medical products.


No Cost to Participants

Estimated Completion Time is Two Weeks

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