IT Readiness FAQs

IT Readiness Frequently Asked Questions

Entry-Level Certificates

If you know which program you are passionate about, please go ahead and apply specifically for that program. If you don't, that is not a problem. We have an advisor who can talk with you about which program is the best fit for you.

Since the course has temporarily moved to online delivery, students will need access to a laptop or desktop computer. Contact for more details about computer requirements..

If there are any prerequisites, they will be listed on the certificate program's page on this website.

If you are passionate about the opportunities an IT Readiness certificate will afford you in the job market or as part of your educational career, this program is for you. The IT Readiness Program aims to serve many populations, such as career changers, minority populations, trailing spouses, high school graduates, and the underemployed. This program will be a lot of work, so if you are looking to breeze through a few classes in order to add a line to your resume, this program is not for you.

No! We have plans to offer these programs again. If you cannot fit this into your schedule now, please check back when your schedule allows.

No. The most important thing to us when deciding which certificate programs to offer is listening to local industry and learning from them about what skills they need entry-level employees to have. Because technology and needs are always evolving, we are in continuous contact with all of our partners, who advise us on high-demand jobs and skills. Should there be a new area of need, we are dedicated to creating programs to meet those needs.

Our partners are involved in a variety of different ways. The most important role industry partners play is to be our advisors. They work and live in the IT industry every day and can advise us on programs, curriculum, equipment, and more, relying on their expertise. Many of our partners will also be providing us material to use for our capstone projects, which will give students real-life experience in their chosen program. Partners have also taken on roles such as RevUnit, who developed curriculum for the first four certificates we are offering.

The capstone project is an important part of the classroom experience that will prepare students for jobs in the IT world upon completion of their certificates. We have asked industry partners to give us example projects that entry-level employees might work on at their companies. Students will be able to work on these projects in groups, similar to working with co-workers in a career setting. At the end of the project, students will have a valuable product that they can use to market their skills to hiring companies.

The certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions. Students might be looking for jobs with titles such as "JavaScript Developer," "UI Developer," "Web Developer," "Software Engineer," and many more. These types of jobs have been identified by our partners as positions students who have completed our program would be qualified for immediately. Our advisor will be available throughout your stay in our program to help you identify which jobs might be right for you.

Students who complete a certificate will also be prepared to take exams to gain industry-recognized certifications outside the IT Readiness Program. Some of the areas students might gain certification in Android Certified Application Developer, HTML Certification, CSS Certification, Java Certification, MongoDB Professional Certification, and more.

The IT Readiness Program has agreements with two area colleges that have agreed to award credit hours for students who complete the IT Readiness Program. Northwest Arkansas Community College will offer 6 credit hours towards either a Technical Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science degree in Web Development, Programming and Application Development, Mobile Application Development, or Database Development.

The University of Arkansas Walton College of Business has agreed to offer a credit-by-exam option for students who have completed the IT Readiness program. Credit-by-exam will allow students to demonstrate proficiency and gain 3 credit hours towards WCOB 2063, Workplace Competencies.

Classes will meet online until the U of A permits face-to-face delivery at the Global Campus in Bentonville. Contact for more details about the online course delivery.

Up-Skill (Advanced) Training

Each workshop identifies a different set of suggested prerequisites. Students need to determine if they feel they meet the minimum qualifications. If after reading the qualifications, you are still unsure if you should attend, please contact us at or or by phone at 479-464-5024.

You are encouraged to bring your own laptop or device for note taking in all workshops. If other technology is needed, it will be listed on the individual workshop site.

All programs lead to a certificate of completion or a certification upon successful completion.  Each of the five courses in the UX workshop has its own exam, and you must attend all five courses in the UX workshop and pass each exam for UX certification.

Yes. These programs have been identified by our IT Readiness partners as skill areas of IT that are lacking in NWA. With the right credentials, you may be able to find a new job or move up with your employer to meet the needs of unfilled jobs.

There is not an application for the Up-Skill advanced workshops, but you will need to fill out the online registration form and pay the fees.

There are no refunds once the workshop starts so you need to determine up front, or get help determining, if you have the fundamental skill foundation needed to be able to succeed in the advanced workshop before enrolling. Again, each workshop identifies a different set of suggested prerequisites.

Participants attend classes at the University of Arkansas Global Campus in Bentonville, 3300 South Market Street, Suite 402. There is ample free parking surrounding the buildings and a plethora of food options in the surrounding area.