Second Language Acquisition for English Learners

An Ethnic teacher is leading a class of elementary school children.

— Offered by the College of Education and Health Professions —

Earn professional development hours through the Second Language Acquisition for English Learners series offered by the College of Education and Health Professions. A National Professional Development grant through the Office of English Acquisition at the U.S. Department of Education will cover the majority of the cost of the three 6-hour courses designed to provide you with first language learning, stages of second language acquisition, and how to promote second language in your classroom and school. The overall focus is to provide participants with knowledge and skills targeted for culturally and linguistically diverse students related to how they learn the language needed for student learning and growth. Those who do not meet the qualifications for grant funding can pay $60 for each course.


$60 per course

*$12 per course for qualified educators through a U.S. Department of Education grant.    Requirements

Participants will have one month to complete the course(s).

Selection of the month you would like to access and complete the course is available during registration.

Courses are not offered in December.

These courses contain self-paced activities for professional development hours. Just as you do not receive individual feedback from the presenter on activities you participate in for face to face PD, you will not be given feedback on these courses, unless your submissions do not meet proficiency requirements. Discussion board activities allow you to learn from other teachers in the course. Rubrics are provided to help you self-assess your work. At the end of the month, your work will be assessed by an instructor. Feedback will be given at that time if needed. You will receive a certificate of completion from Global Campus after your work has been assessed if you complete the course at a proficient level.

First Language Learning

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This course focuses on first language learning and the process we go through to acquire our first language. In this course you will reflect on how language shapes the mind or how our mind shapes language, stages of language development and understanding first language development.

  • Analyze what role language has in the way we think
  • Identify the six stages of language development
  • Describe biases and variables in language acquisition

Stages of Second Language Learning

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This course focuses on second language learning and the process students go through to acquire a second language. In this course, you will compare multilingualism to monolingualism, learn each stage of second language acquisition, and analyze language learning programs.

  • Compare and contrast the practice of multilingualism to monolingualism
  • Interpret each stage of second language acquisition
  • Analyze language learning in English-as-a-Second-Language and foreign language programs

Second Language Acquisition in the Classroom

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In the classroom, English learners are involved in the complex process of acquiring a new language. Through this process of second language acquisition, the language learning path may vary for different learners. Second language acquisition in the classroom has factors such as: language acquisition contexts, age, prior educational experiences, social and cultural factors, and teacher expectations and perspectives on language learning errors.

  • Create a lesson in their classroom that focuses on ELLs by applying 3 basic principles
  • Integrate appropriate, choice strategies to promote second language comprehension and acquisition

Discount Requirements

Requirement to qualify for the discount covered by grant funding:

  • Currently be in a professional educator role in the state of Arkansas

If you do not meet this qualification and are interested in this course, please contact us for registration and payment information.    or    479-464-5024


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