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— Offered by Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences —

The Razorback AgCademy gives high school students the opportunity to access online modules that align with specific on-campus courses within the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences. The program helps students keep their tuition costs down, engages them in online learning experiences that model the U of A’s commitment to high quality teaching and learning, and exposes them to the wide array of career opportunities within various agricultural industries.

$39 per module

Access / Completion Time:
6 Months Per Course

High School Teachers and Counselors: To enroll multiple students, please contact Ashley Smith at 479-464-5024 or ras001@uark.edu.


Students must meet the below requirements to be eligible:

  • Be a current high school sophomore, junior, or senior.
  • Register for each AgCademy module through the Global Campus and pay $39 per module. Students will have 6 months from the date of registration to complete the course.
  • Pending high school graduation, apply and be accepted to the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville. Upon acceptance, contact Hanna Estes in the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology to schedule course credit examination(s). A $25 exam fee will be charged to the student’s financial account for each exam taken.



  • Once a Razorback AgCademy student has applied and been admitted to the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville, the student will have the opportunity to take a course credit exam for each of the modules they accessed. Students receiving at least an 80% will receive 3 credit hours for the aligning course.
  • Financial Benefits – students will see a substantial cost savings for up to 9 credit hours. For a total fee of $64 per class ($39 for module access + $25 exam administration), and upon passage of the exam, students will receive 3 hours of university credit. The total possible tuition and fee savings for all 3 courses is $1,638 (2015-2016 rates; tuition and fee rates are subject to change).
  • Academic Benefits – students can receive up to 9 credit hours for agricultural courses, which can count as required courses for many students majoring in agricultural areas, broadening electives for many students majoring in agricultural areas, and general electives for students majoring in areas outside of agriculture. Acquired credit hours can reduce students’ course load each semester, thereby increasing their likelihood of academic success and reducing their time to graduation.

Modules Offered

Module Description 

AGED 1123

Foundations of Agricultural Education

(3 credit hours)

A preparatory course evaluating the historical foundations of agricultural education with an introduction to the psychological, sociological and philosophical foundations of education. This course will encourage reflective practice through understanding of educational trends, classroom environment creation and utilization, and effective program planning.


ANSC 1033

Introduction to Animal Science

(3 credit hours)

Students will be introduced to biological sciences associated with modern systems of care and management of livestock. Foundation sciences include topics in genetics, growth and development, physiology, nutrition, animal health, and animal behavior.


AGME 1613

Fundamentals of Agricultural Systems Technology

(3 credit hours)

Study of basic mathematical and physical science concepts important in the mechanization of agriculture. 




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Hanna Estes

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