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GRAPES Short Course Online

Immerse yourself in a course consisting of 10 crafted modules covering a spectrum of topics on the GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems (GRAPES). From power module packing to power converted and passive components design and all the way to the application and system demonstration, explore every facet of this dynamic field crafted by a team of seasoned GRAPES faculty members and graduate students. Tailored for graduate students and entry-level engineers, this course combines theoretical insights with real-world project case studies.


Learning Objectives

To provide participants with a foundation for analysis and design of grid connected power electronic circuits for conversion and control of electric energy. From this course the attendees are expected to: 

  • Understand characteristics of basic power switches and fundamentals of electric circuit components
  • Understand measures for power electronic circuits, e.g., efficiency, power factor, power quality, etc.
  • Understand operating principles, functions, practical issues and applications of basic power converter topologies
  • Understand how to design appropriate power converters to meet given specifications


Course Content

  • Design of High-Frequency Transformers
  • Design and Optimization of All Silicon Carbide (SiC) High Power Converters
  • Real-time Reliability Analysis for Microgrids
  • Design and Implementation of 10kV SiC Power Modules
  • Driving High Voltage SiC Power Devices and Modules
  • Novel Electrical Insulators and Partial Discharge Detection Techniques for Resilient Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Nonlinear System Analysis and Sliding Mode Control
  • High Power and Medium Voltage Dual Active Bridges
  • Synchrophasor Data with Inverter-Based Resources for Power System Stability Assessment
  • Computationally Efficient Models for Common Mode and Differential Mode Behavior of Power Electronic Systems



The goal of the Research Center on GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems (GRAPES) is to accelerate the adoption and insertion of power electronics into the electric grid in order to improve system stability, flexibility, controllability, robustness, and economy.

GRAPES is partially funded by the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center program of the National Science Foundation, while industry members fund the bulk of our research. Our work with industry focuses on improving power electronics technology and integrating it with the needs of industry and of the power grid as a whole.

10 Estimated Course Hours


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