Get Started

Before you click that ‘Register’ button, take a moment to reflect on your goals, how you want to learn, and which course or program is right for you. Below are topics and tips to consider before you begin training.


What Do I Need To Start?

Be Prepared.


House iconTools

For most training classes, you will need a computer, reliable internet access, and learning materials specified by your chosen class. These materials may include textbooks, workbooks, etc.

House iconSkills

You should have basic computer skills that allow you to download and upload files and images, install new software on your computer, and attach files to emails. To be successful, you should be intellectually curious, self-motivated and organized. Time-management skills and reading comprehension are also essential.

House icon Environment

You will need ample quiet time to participate in classes and/or complete coursework, readings and assignments.

Clock icon Time

Training courses range widely in the amount of time that must be committed, from an hour to multiple months or more. If you need help determining the time commitment for a course, please contact our team at

Dollar Sign icon Funding

Explore the Funding Options tab to understand the eligibility requirements for grants and other funding opportunities.

How Do You Learn Best?

Understand the types of training courses and instruction modes.

Chalkboard User icon Instructor-led Courses

These may be in person, online or a combination. An instructor will lead the course, set a pre-determined schedule, and answer student questions.

Laptop File icon Blended Courses

The combination of the two types of learning above are blended or hybrid courses. Learners follow schedules led by instructors and work independently outside of the in-person or online classroom.

Laptop icon Online Self-paced, On-demand Courses

These online self-directed learning classes provide the most flexible learning environment. With self-paced learning, you must set your own schedule and be self-disciplined in following that schedule. Course content may include videos, readings, etc. There is no interaction with an instructor or other participants, but you will be provided with contact information for Learner Support and IT Help Desk. These online training courses may be provided through the U of A or Ed2Go, CCI, CEI or other online partners.

What Is Your Motivation?

Select courses based on the outcome you want.

Certificate icon Certification / Test Prep

Some training programs provide test preparation for certification exams offered by industry leaders in their fields. Other programs provide certificates of completion or other credentials required for certain job positions or to gain a competitive edge in the workplace.

Stairs icon Professional Development

Some fields require professionals to update their skills and knowledge by completing training courses.

House icon Job Skills

Some courses allow you to build valuable workplace skills or gain marketable knowledge. Completion of these courses could help you become more efficient or effective in a specific aspect of your job, such as writing, computer software, etc.

File icon Build Your Resume

Various training courses provide different credentials, skills and abilities that you can share with prospective employers.

Lightbulb icon Self-improvement

Some individuals seek personal growth, rather than a credential.