Call for Proposals

Volunteer to Teach

for University of Arkansas Professional and Workforce Development

As a division of the University of Arkansas Global Campus, Professional and Workforce Development would like to partner with local subject matter experts to share their knowledge and experience with our community and workforce through non-credit training.

Professional and Workforce Development is seeking knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals to offer webinars, whether it be for a multi-session or one-time lecture. This is a volunteer opportunity that is a wonderful way to share your expertise, highlight your business, field, or industry, or share your love for a topic with other like-minded individuals. The goal of this course series is to create short, 1-2 hour webinars or podcasts that can be marketed to the public.

Our intention is to support the Arkansas workforce by providing accessible training and enrichment opportunities. Global Campus will maintain the registration and enrollment process for participants.

Incentives of Being An Instructor

While this is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity there are several benefits to partnering with the Professional and Workforce Development team. This is a chance for PWD to vet new instructors and provide learning opportunities for our community.

Boost your resume. Be able to add University of Arkansas instructor to your resume.

Receive an official certificate and token of appreciation from the University of Arkansas.

Be listed on the Professional and Workforce Development website as an instructor.

Benefit from networking. This is a great way to market yourself, your business or industry/field.

Enjoy access to the new Collaborative facility located in downtown Bentonville.

Attend a VIP reception with giveaways, special guests, and catered food and beverages for you and a guest.

If the course is successful, it could lead to longer term, paid teaching opportunities.

Global Campus Will:

  • Create a landing page for your program that will live on
  • Create and maintain registration of participants
  • Promote your course to the public, including but not limited to the following:
    • Social media promotion
    • Creation and distribution of marketing emails to your email list
    • University's news website and, in some cases, a news release
    • Creation of a flier to distribute
  • Provide ‘day of’ coordination services, including technical support


Instructor’s Responsibility

  • Create course content
  • Communicate with GC staff on needs and resources
  • Teach course

Process Information

  • Subject matter experts can initiate the process of proposing a non-credit course by completing an online course proposal form. Once the form is submitted, your proposal will be sent to PWD staff to review. Upon review, we will set up an appointment with you to discuss the status of your course and determine the level of support you need from the Global Campus.
  • We do not follow the University of Arkansas academic semester calendar/schedule and continue to offer and roll out non-credit classes on an ongoing basis.

We are scheduling courses throughout 2024


Course Proposal Form