Culture for Educators

This course is a series of three 6-hour modules designed to educate school administrators, teachers and staff on the impact of multiculturalism in the school environment, learning, and interpersonal communication. 

ESOL Institute

The ESOL Institute provides PK-12 teachers with training to meet the educational needs of students for whom English is a second language, and the opportunnity to earn an Arkansas Department of Education Professional Development Certificate in Teaching English Learners.

Innovative Management Series

This series offers both new and experienced mangers the opportunity to explore best practices and the practical 'how to' of multiple management areas and challenges.

Instructional Methods for English Learners

This course is a series of three 6-hour modules designed to provide you with the basic knowledge and teaching skills necessary to address the growing number of Culturally Linguistic Diverse (CLD) students within your classroom and school.

Music for Children With Special Needs

Participants will become familiar with general educational issues and music education trends affecting students with special needs in the United States.

Occupational Therapy in Primary Care

This course integrates Occupational Therapy with primary care practices.

Working with Children Who Have Incarcerated Parents

The purpose of this course is to provide social workers and other practitioners who interface with families involved in the criminal justice system with effective tools and resources to support families experiencing incarceration in federal, state, and local prisons in the United States using a strengths-based, multi-systems life course (MSLC) perspective.