Gaining Transactional Insight

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Despite the size and importance of CPG retailing, there is no universal method for performing sales analysis. This three-day class teaches the “Revenue Model” of gaining “transactional insight.” Transactional insight springs from transactional data – the sales data itself.

Ordinary sales data are not sterile columns of numbers, and their best use are not to be subtotaled by analysts into sales by brand, category, and region. Rather, this method of analysis appreciates sales data as a rich source of business and shopper insight. It also values the analyst to whom insight appears and without whom there is no one to tell the “story” in the data. The Revenue Model is both a method of analysis as well as a spreadsheet tool. The objective of the class is to teach students how to load the tool and use it to manipulate sales data. The real goal, however, is teaching the analyst to discover “insight” and weave it into a compelling story that ultimately benefits the CPG manufacturer, the retailer, and most of all, the shopper.

Learning Objectives

  • The “Revenue Model” and “Driver Analysis”
  • A Robust Paradigm
  • Revenue Model Mechanics
  • Context Analysis
  • How Transactional Insight is Different
  • Revenue Model Functionality
  • The “Summary Table” and Context Analysis
  • Balancing for “Known Drivers”
  • Shopper Insights


Participants should have professional analytical experience with store/item level retail sales data, sales reporting, and sales analysis. Additional skills, at a minimum, should include:

  • Intermediate proficiency with Microsoft Excel, including knowledge and experience with pivot tables, nested functions, and data importing and exporting
  • Beginner’s proficiency with Microsoft Access


Three Sessions

May 16 - 18, 2018

8:30 am - 4:30 pm


(all three sessions)


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