Supply Chain Decision-Making, Trade-Offs, and Business Impacts

Supply Chain Foundations: Supply Chain Decision Making, Trade-Offs, and Business Impacts Online Course

— Offered by the Sam M. Walton College of Business —

Supply Chain Decision-Making, Trade-Offs, and Business Impacts is the fifth in a series of six Supply Chain Foundations online courses developed by the University of Arkansas' Sam M. Walton College of Business. The series provides an overview of how supply chain management and logistics pertain to business performance.

Supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics management activities. It drives coordination of processes and activities, and across marketing, sales, product design, finance, and information technology. The supply chain includes channel partners who can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers, unified in the purpose of delivering a cohesive and high-performing business model. In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies.


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After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss supply chain and logistics components, analytical metrics, and high-level strategies to maximize your competitive stance
  • Recognize intersecting interests among supply chain management, logistics management, and the functional areas of your business (e.g., Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing)
  • Use techniques that optimize your supply chain and logistics design
  • Use basic metrics in supply chain management decision-making



  • Supply Chain Trade-Offs
    • The Importance of Supply Chain Trade-Offs
    • Supply Chain Trade-Off Decisions
  • Production Impacts of Optimal Order Quantity
    • Understanding the Optimal In-Stock Probability
    • Computing the Optimal Order Quantity
    • Impact of Production Costs on Order Quantity
  • Managing Inventory I
    • The Continuous Review Inventory Model
    • How Much Inventory to Order
    • The Effect of Interest Rate Change on Order Quantity
  • Managing Inventory II
    • When to Order Inventory Under the Continuous Review Model
    • The Impact on Transportation Reliability on Safety Stock
    • Echelon Inventory Position