An Introduction to Successful Strategic Change

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Managing strategic change is part of every leader's and manager's job – yet strategic change initiatives tend to generate more cynical eye rolls and frustration than actual change. Why? External factors (failure to plan, lack of resources and time, etc.) are the apparent reasons why change initiatives fail, but they are the symptoms, not the actual problem. The real key to effective change – change that works, lasts, and has meaningful results for every stakeholder – lies in understanding the hidden, often unconscious internal commitments we all have to keeping things just the way they are. In this introduction to change that works, we'll discuss how to lay the foundation for meaningful strategic change, including when and how to uncover those hidden competing commitments – and what to do to counteract their power.

Learning Objectives

  • Know why and how to establish the three foundational pillars of an effective change initiative
  • Demonstrate the value of medium-term planning (versus short-term or long-term) in creating effective strategic change initiatives
  • Discover what shared meaning is, why it’s essential for change, and how to create it within your stakeholder community
  • Learn the neuroscience behind decision-making, and know how to apply that knowledge in facilitating strategic change
  • Understand the concept of unconscious competing commitments, why they derail change, and how to counteract their power

April 14, 2017

8:30 am – 12:30 pm


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