Product Management Training

Product Management Online Training Program

In partnership with Emergn, this course is a practical facilitator-led online education program that helps people working in and around product management to acquire the skills and competencies to define, develop and launch products, services, and features that satisfy the needs of the customer. Participants will learn techniques and tools from many modern schools of management, including Design Thinking, Lean and Agile, and align them with the outcomes of Value, Flow, and Quality®.


This action-course was developed to help Product Managers and Product Owners with any level of experience. You’ll take a structured process to navigate through the complexity of starting from an idea and transforming it into a value proposition and product that users love.


This course will help if you want to:

  • Apply the latest thinking in product management beyond the textbook and classroom.
  • Bring a structured approach to managing products within your organization.
  • Become more involved in product strategy and leading Agile teams.


Ten Sessions
Tuesdays Only

The next offering is not yet scheduled, but we can notify you when it is.

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The final two sessions provide one-on-one support.

Access to the Emergn online platform for one year and a physical copy of Emergn’s Product Management book will be provided.


  • This course offers a structured process that uses theory and templates to drive action on challenges that are real to you. It allows you to learn anytime and anywhere, guiding you through the latest thinking and how to implement it to build great products.
  • You’ll learn from real-life examples the most effective strategies for building better relationships with your stakeholders: your boss, your teams and, most importantly, your customers! You’ll explore the desirability, feasibility and viability of your idea in a fast, fun and feedback-rich way, and you’ll be able to repeat the process anytime you want.
  • Participants will benefit from learning about the principles of Value, Flow, Quality and how these elements can be improved through specific practices, techniques and principles, and how they are applied to take great products and services from idea to market.
  • It will advance their knowledge capability to lead, manage, facilitate, follow a process that will increase the probabilities of creating a successful product.
  • There is a highly increasing demand for the skills of a product manager across industries at the end of the work-based education pathway the participant would have experimented - at least once - with the tools and methodologies provided. It is for both career entry, promotion and/or retention.


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