Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft OutlookIn our classes, you get hands-on Outlook experience with expert instructors to guide you at every step. Combine the two Outlook class levels for maximum skills, or take a single class to move your talent up a notch. Keep your instruction manual as a reference, and refresh your new skills with online tutorials. Outlook gives you the power to compose, organize messages, manage contacts, schedule appointments/meetings, manage tasks and notes.

$159 / course


PART 1 - Basics Course

This course is intended for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and want to know how to use Outlook to manage their time and information.

  • Navigate the Outlook Interface
  • Perform Basic Email Functions
  • Use Outlook Help
  • Create an Email Message
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Format Message Content
  • Attach Files and Items
  • Enhance an Email Message
  • Manage Automatic Message Content
  • Customize Reading Options
  • Work with Attachments
  • Manage Your Message Responses
  • Manage Messages Using Tags, Flags, and Commands
  • Organize Messages Using Folders
  • View the Calendar
  • Manage Appointments
  • Manage Meetings
  • Print Your Calendar
  • Create and Update Contacts
  • View and Organize Contacts
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Notes
  • Customize the Outlook Interface
  • Create and Manage Quick Steps

Part 1 Schedule

This course is not yet scheduled, but we can notify you when it is.

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PART 2 - Advanced Course

In this course, students will explore the advanced features provided with the Outlook interface, such as advanced message, calendar, and contacts management. You will use the Tasks and Journal workspaces provided in the application to manage task assignments to you and others, and to record interactions you have with your colleagues.

  • Insert Advanced Characters and Objects
  • Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options
  • Use Automatic Replies
  • Sort Messages
  • Filter Messages
  • Organize Messages
  • Search Messages
  • Manage Junk Mail
  • Manage Your Mailbox
  • Manage Advanced Calendar Options
  • Create Calendar Groups
  • Manage Meeting Responses
  • Edit an Electronic Business Card
  • Manage Advanced Contacts Options
  • Forward Contacts
  • Export Contacts
  • Assign and Manage Tasks
  • Record and Modify Journal Entries
  • Delegate Access to Mail Folders
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Share Your Contacts
  • Back Up Outlook Items
  • Change Data File Settings

To get the most from the advanced class, you should already know how to:

  • explore the Outlook interface, send mail, and respond to messages.
  • compose email messages.
  • organize email messages into folders.
  • manage contacts and contact information.
  • schedule appointments.
  • schedule a meeting.
  • manage tasks and notes.

Part 2 Schedule

This course is not yet scheduled, but we can notify you when it is.

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