Microsoft Office Excel: Wrestling with BIG DATA

Learn to cope with lots of retail data in just one day! Participants will build an interactive spreadsheet, acquiring concepts and techniques that can easily be applied to existing data issues in retail distribution. The spreadsheet tool participants build will provide a platform for introducing a unique method of sales analysis, providing advanced experience with Excel® functions and VBA for non-programmers.



To be successful in this course, students should understand and be able to use basic functions, understand named data ranges, and know how to record and run macros. Participants should be comfortable with the following functions prior to class:

  • Count()
  • Countif()
  • Min()
  • Max()
  • Weekday()
  • Datevalue()
  • Mid()
  • If()

If participants are not currently familiar with the prerequisites, please consider taking Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013: Part 1, Part 2 and/or Part 3 in preparation for this course.


Lesson Contents

  • The “Revenue Model” of insightful sales analysis and its distribution driver component
  • What is “insight”?
  • The current paradigm for insight and its origins
  • Averaging and aggregating: the nemeses of insight
  • Insight and “known drivers” of consumption
  • What is a “point of distribution”?
  • Out-of-stocks over time and what they tell us
  • Stock outs from the retailer’s and shopper’s point of view
  • Key measures
  • Unsold stores
  • The data
  • Constructing the pivot
  • Charting output
  • Ancillary indicators
  • Deciding on an inventory target
  • Building an in stock/out-of-stock switch
  • Dynamic titling
  • Advancing pivot choices
  • Modifying a chart
  • Soliciting user input
  • No more grunt work!
  • Choosing a “target”
  • What should the graph look like?
  • Identifying anomalies
  • Estimating forgone revenue and margin
  • Discovering possible overstocking


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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