Introduction to Construction

Introduction to the Construction Online Training Program

This online, self-paced Introduction to Construction course is an introduction to the construction industry, its parties, and processes. You will become familiar with the different types of construction, the diverse roles, stages, and processes of a construction project. You will develop an awareness of safety regulations, safety inspection, construction documents and their uses. You will develop a working understanding of construction project management topics including estimating, project management, scheduling, close out and pay out.


5 weeks / 45-50 hours

By the end of this online course you should be able to:

  • Understand and use standard construction terminology
  • Identify the primary professions engaged in construction and their roles in the construction processes
  • Identify different types of construction
  • Develop an understanding of the materials and processes used in construction
  • Develop an awareness of construction safety regulations and the role of OSHA
  • Explain and discuss the various types of contract documents
  • Become familiar with building codes, zoning, and inspection
  • Understand basic concepts of estimating, project management and scheduling
  • Identify and ascertain information about the careers in construction

Construction Experts Inc.
Offered through our partnership with Construction Experts Inc.