Introduction to Construction Estimating

Introduction to Construction Estimating Online Training Program

Introduction to Construction Estimating is an online,  self-paced class which is the gateway to more complex and trade-specific estimating courses. This online class is designed to help estimators polish their estimating skills and learn the basic skills that are absolutely required to produce successful construction estimates.



  • Organization of the estimate
  • Types of estimates
  • Elements of an estimate
  • Quantity take off techniques
  • Pricing techniques
  • Adjusting the estimate for a variety of variable factors
  • Estimating labor, materials and equipment
  • Profit and overhead markups

Upon completing this course you will understand the different types of estimates and how to organize an estimating document.

This online course will build a foundation of knowledge that you will use while estimating virtually any individual trade or project type.


10 weeks / 45-50 hours


Construction Estimating and Bidding in Building Construction
2nd Edition, by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Students will receive their textbook by mail from Construction Experts Inc. (CEI) once their registration is complete.

Class Organization

An orientation module to get you started in the course. This module gives you a chance to play with the course tools and features before the course actually begins.

This module teaches the many different uses for construction estimates. You will learn how an estimate is to be used affects estimating methods.

There are certain skills and disciplines that all estimators need to develop. This module will discuss each of these skills and provide some guidance on how to develop them.

Including software, digitizers, guide books, references and other estimating tools.

You will learn how the amount of information available to you and the time you are allowed to prepare the estimate affects the quality and accuracy of your work.

How you organize your estimate is almost as important as how carefully you prepare your quantity take-off. We will learn about the Masterformat and common organizing methods.

Quantity take-off procedures, waste factors, and pricing methods are dealt with in this module.

This is the longest module. Have your calculator ready!  We will learn about using and developing production rates and how to adjust your estimate for a wide variety of factors that affect production rates.

Quantity take-off procedures, pricing, and estimating techniques will be covered along with equipment production rates.  Learn how to choose the correct equipment for the job.

How, when and why to add contingencies. Adjusting the estimate for risk, inflation, and geographic location will be covered.

Learn about common errors estimators make and how to avoid making them.

How to use unit prices effectively. The crew method, what it is and how to use it.  Using unit prices for conceptual estimating and for detailed estimating will be covered.

Construction Experts Inc.
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