Basic Nutrition for Nurses

Nutritional Food

Learn basic nutritional principles and how they can be applied to health maintenance, disease prevention and even disease treatment. This course offers a wholistic perspective that can be applied even while considering dietary preferences and restrictions.

Trends in practice and current treatment modalities continue to focus on pharmacological interventions while minimizing the role of nutrition for the prevention and treatment of disease. Learners have expressed an interest in expanding their understanding of tailoring nutrition to diseased and well populations. Additionally, subject matter experts recommend the implementation of personalized eating plans.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe the impact of industrialization and culture on food practices in the modern world
  • Explain the impact of sugar on the human brain
  • Describe the use of at least 3 eating plans to prevent or treat chronic disease
  • Explain the process for creating a personalized eating plan


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Online / On-Demand

Contact Hours :  2.12




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