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Adobe InDesignIn our classes, you get hands-on Adobe InDesign CC experience with expert instructors to guide you at every step using assets you have created in Photoshop or Illustrator. Combine the two Adobe InDesign CC class levels for maximum skills, or take a single class to move your talent up a notch. Keep your instruction manual as a reference, and refresh your new skills with online tutorials. Adobe InDesign CC provides all the tools needed to produce professional, well-designed documents and distribute them in print or digital format.

$199 / course

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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PART 1 - Basics Course

This course is for individuals with basic knowledge of layout and formatting concepts but little to no experience working with Adobe InDesign CC.  Giving your documents a well-designed, professional look will put you a step ahead in a marketplace that is cluttered with all kinds of communications.

  • Identify Components of the InDesign Interface
  • Customize the InDesign Interface
  • Apply the Navigation Controls and Set Preferences
  • Establish Project Requirements
  • Apply Design Principles
  • Create a New Document
  • Add Text to a Document
  • Add Graphics to a Document
  • Format Characters and Paragraphs
  • Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Create and Apply Styles
  • Arrange and Align Objects
  • Apply Layers
  • Transform and Manipulate Objects
  • Thread Text Frames
  • Edit Text
  • Create and Modify a New Table
  • Format a Table
  • Resolve Errors in a Document
  • Export Files for Printing and for the Web

Part 1 Schedule

The next offering is not yet scheduled, but we can notify you when it is.

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PART 2 - Advanced Course

In this course, you will learn how to create interactive documents that need to be accessed across a range of devices, and export them for viewing in a web browser with various features such as buttons, page transitions, movies and audio files, hyperlinks, and animation. Acquire the ability to assign color profiles and establish print presets. In creating lengthier documents, you'll be able to include such features as a table of contents, footnotes, cross-references, and an index.

  • Build Layout Versions
  • Link Content
  • Create Repeating Content
  • Change Text Layouts
  • Create Transparency
  • Anchor Objects and Manage a Library
  • Import Styles from Microsoft Word Documents
  • Manage Styles
  • Create Bézier Paths
  • Create Clipping Paths
  • Create Compound Paths
  • Import External Files
  • Create Document Sections
  • Insert Text Variables
  • Create Interactive Documents
  • Create Document Sections
  • Insert Text Variables
  • Create Interactive Documents
  • Create a Book
  • Build a Table of Contents Topic C: Create Hyperlinks and Cross-References Topic D: Generate an Index and Insert Footnotes
  • Export PDF Files for Print
  • Export Interactive PDF Files and Files for Animation
  • Export Files for the Web
  • Manage Colors
  • Preview the Print Output
  • Create Print Presets

Part 2 Schedule

Dec 11, 2019

Global Campus Rogers, Suite 402



Take what you learned in InDesign to create custom assets that you can immediately use. This is a workshop designed to help you build on the skills you have and come away with a completed asset or assets that can be used, updated, and reused to fit your personal and business needs. Bring your info/pictures and let’s put these Adobe products to work for you!


8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop Schedule

Dec 17, 2019

Global Campus Rogers, Suite 402