Computer Applications

Hands-on courses to help achieve the proficiency you need in the ever-expanding world of technology, including Windows, Adobe, IT applications, and more.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

In our Adobe Acrobat X Pro courses, learn how to create and share PDF files and PDF Portfolios. Office professionals will also learn how to covert files and to enhance and customize PDFs.

Adobe Illustrator

This course focuses on Adobe Illustrator, the Adobe application used to create drawn graphics. Learn how to navigate Illustrator's many tools to capture creative ideas and "what ifs." Create both simple and complex artwork that is ready for commercial printing or web design.

Adobe InDesign

Giving your documents a well-designed, professional look will put you a step ahead in the marketplace. Learn about all of the InDesign tools to elevate the look of your document and learn tricks and tips for layout and style.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Learn how to navigate Photoshop CC to enhance your photos with techniques such as illustration and animation. Utilize tools like layers, filters, and special effects to make your products stand out.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 can be utilized for photo editing as well as illustration and basic animation.

Driving Traffic to Your Website: Digital Marketing Series

Learn how to identify new audiences who are interested in y our business, use marketing terminology to attract them to your website, and optimize your ability to convert them into paying customers.

Gaining Transactional Insight

Despite the size and importance of CPG retailing, there is no codified, universal method for doing sales analysis. This class teaches the Revenue Model of gaining transactional insight.

Google Analytics: Digital Marketing Series

The essential getting started guide to setting up Google Analytics and understanding how best to use it with your business website.

Introduction to Agile/Scrum and The Benefits of Agile Software Development

Learn why major corporations are switching from software developed utilizing the Waterfall methodology to Agile methodology – experience the benefits!

Microsoft Access

A widely versatile tool, a relational database like Access can help you and your organization collect and manage large amounts of data. Learn how to build and manage robust, functional databases.

Microsoft Excel

Delve into Excel to organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update, and present data in ways that will help you make important decisions. Students will learn how to ask questions and interpret the answers Excel provides.

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with PivotTables and PowerTools

Harness the power of advanced PivotTables and Power Tools to maximize your speed and effectiveness when analyzing data.

Microsoft Excel Introduction to VBA

This course is designed to give experienced Excel users proficiency in creating advanced functions.

Microsoft Excel Macro Programming

This "Programming for Non-Programmers" course is intended for advanced Microsoft Excel professionals that need to automate Excel spreadsheet tasks using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Microsoft Excel Functions for Retail Analysts

This class teaches the utility of Excel functions from the perspective of the retail analyst. 

Microsoft Excel: How to Make Excel Write a Report

In this class, students learn how to make Excel dynamically produce written textual summary observations based on a changing data set.

Microsoft Power BI Part 1

Microsoft Power BI transforms your company data into rich visuals that facilitate new ways of thinking about and organizing your data, so that you can focus on what is important to achieving your goals.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint will help users be clear, organized, and engaging when called upon to present and grab the audience's attention. Learn how to use a vast array of features to enhance your content and deliver high-impact, dynamic presentations.

Microsoft Project

Develop critical knowledge and skills that a project manager needs in order to create a project plan with Project. This course will enable you to draft and share a project plan.

Microsoft Word

In our Microsoft Word courses, you will start with the fundamentals of creating and formatting documents and move on to tasks like merging data and creating mailing labels. Students will learn a variety of tips to navigate Word efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Digital Marketing Series

Learn the basics of SEO to ensure your online business presence will be found by your potential customers.

Social Media for Business: Digital Marketing Series

Learn strategies for using social media to increase your potential customer base and deepen existing customer relationships.


Tableau is for anyone that works with data. These 2-day courses are designed to prepare the Retail User.

WordPress for Business: Digital Marketing Series

Learn the basics behind installing and configuring a WordPress website for business including adding graphics, web copy, visual features, and additional functionality and customization through the use of plug-ins.