Computer Applications

Hands-on courses to help achieve the proficiency you need in the ever-expanding world of technology, including Windows, Adobe, IT applications, and more.

Microsoft Project

Develop critical knowledge and skills that a project manager needs in order to create a project plan with Project. This course will enable you to draft and share a project plan.

Microsoft Excel

Delve into Excel to organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update, and present data in ways that will help you make important decisions. Students will learn how to ask questions and interpret the answers Excel provides.

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

This class will allow you to harness the power of advanced PivotTables and PivotCharts to gain a competitive edge. Summarize, organize, and analyze data effectively and efficiently.

Microsoft Excel Power Tools - Excel Add-ins: Data Analysis with Power Pivot

Excel provides Power Pivot to help you organize, manipulate, and report your data in the best way possible. It will help you harness and quickly analyze what may otherwise be an overwhelming amount of data.

Microsoft Excel VBA

This course is designed to give experienced Excel users proficiency in creating procedures that run in response to specific events, working with control structures, developing user forms to accept or display data, validating the data entry in user forms, and debugging and handling errors in code

Microsoft Access

A widely versatile tool, a relational database like Access can help you and your organization collect and manage large amounts of data. Learn how to build and manage robust, functional databases.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint will help users be clear, organized, and engaging when called upon to present and grab the audience's attention. Learn how to use a vast array of features to enhance your content and deliver high-impact, dynamic presentations.

Microsoft Word

In our Microsoft Word courses, you will start with the fundamentals of creating and formatting documents and move on to tasks like merging data and creating mailing labels. Students will learn a variety of tips to navigate Word efficiently.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

In our Adobe Acrobat X Pro courses, learn how to create and share PDF files and PDF Portfolios. Office professionals will also learn how to covert files and to enhance and customize PDFs.

Adobe Illustrator

This course focuses on Adobe Illustrator CS6, the Adobe application used to create drawn graphics. Learn how to navigate Illustrator's many tools to capture creative ideas and "what ifs." Create both simple and complex artwork that is ready for commercial printing or web design.

Adobe InDesign

Giving your documents a well-designed, professional look will put you a step ahead in the marketplace. Learn about all of the InDesign tools to elevate the look of your document and learn tricks and tips for layout and style.

Adobe PhotoShop

Learn how to navigate Photoshop to enhance your photos with techniques such as illustration and animation. Utilize tools like layers, filters, and special effects to make your products stand out.

Adobe Creative Suite

This course will teach students when and how to use Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to create logos, templates, brochures, photos, and presentations. Students will walk away from the course with a clear understanding of how the Adobe Suite can work together.